At Bryles Research, we place exceptional emphasis on detailed and rigorous recruiting. We recognize that regardless of how welcoming our facilities may be, the keystone to our success lies in procuring the appropriate respondents. Be it pinpointing a specific demographic who own certain car models, adhere to specific dietary habits, and are mothers, our devoted screening team thrives at zeroing in on your exact target demographic. It is in these intricate details that we truly excel, turning abstract profiles into tangible participants for your research.

At Bryles Research, we take several measures to guarantee flawless recruitment every time.

Our process of screening participants at Bryles Research is both rigorous and precise. We take the extra step of asking each potential participant the complete set of screening questions twice, with a particular emphasis on repeating key qualifying criteria to ensure accuracy. Our expert recruitment team is adept not only at posing the right questions, but also at active listening. This enables us to identify individuals who are not only qualified, but also articulate and enthusiastic.

We are deeply aware of the importance your research holds, especially when conducted within our facilities. This understanding drives us to commit wholeheartedly to ensuring that you extract the utmost value from your study. Every participant we select is a testament to our commitment to accuracy, quality, and optimal results.

Rigorous Participant Selection Process

Our approach to participant recruitment is rooted in meticulousness and precision. At Bryles Research, we understand that the foundation of effective market research lies in recruiting the right participants that mirror your target demographic accurately. Be it locating tech-savvy millennials, eco-conscious parents, or luxury car enthusiasts, our dedicated screening team possesses the expertise to find your precise audience segment.

Wide Demographic Reach

We pride ourselves on our extensive demographic reach, spanning diverse age groups, ethnicities, income levels, and lifestyle preferences. Our expansive database and strong community ties enable us to recruit participants from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, ensuring varied and comprehensive insights.

Robust Screening Methods

Our participant recruitment is powered by robust screening methodologies. We utilize a combination of phone screening, online surveys, and in-person interviews to ensure that participants meet the precise criteria set for each study. This multi-layered approach allows us to weed out any potential mismatches and ensures that the right people are chosen for each project.

Participant Engagement and Retention

We also recognize that participant engagement is as crucial as recruitment itself. To this end, we maintain open, ongoing communication with our participants. This includes pre-study briefings, reminders, and post-study feedback sessions to ensure participants remain engaged and motivated throughout the process.


  • Focus Groups
  • IDIs
  • CLTs
  • Taste Tests
  • Product Placements
  • Mock Juries
  • Ethnographies
  • Real People
  • Bulletin Boards

Ethical Recruitment Practices

At Bryles Research, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our recruitment processes. We strictly follow all industry regulations and guidelines, ensuring complete transparency and respect for all participants. Our commitment to these practices ensures that our studies are credible, reliable, and meet the highest professional standards.


  • Consumers
  • Children
  • Entertainment
  • B2B
  • IT
  • Medical – Patients and Physicians
  • Restaurant Research
  • Bilingual: Spanish, Tagalong, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Armenian, Vietnamese and Korean

Ready to Explore Our Recruiting Capabilities?

Discover the Bryles Research difference in participant recruitment. Our precision, extensive reach, and commitment to ethics provide a robust foundation for any market research study. Whether your project requires a broad or specific demographic, our team is ready to help you navigate your market research journey with confidence.