Since 1969, Bryles Research has been a trusted partner to diverse global brands. Our client-centric approach, hands-on leadership, and unwavering commitment to quality have fostered long-standing relationships. Our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction has made us one of the most reliable market research firms in the industry.

Bryles Research – Guiding Businesses Since 1969

Delving into the intricate dynamics of today’s market can be an uphill battle, more so when your business is vying for the top spot. Bryles Research, founded in the heart of Palos Heights, IL in 1969 by Doris and Conrad Bryles, stands as a beacon of guidance in this intricate journey.

We started our journey specializing in field, telephone, and door-to-door market research. With time, our vision expanded, leading us to pioneer data collection within bustling urban shopping centers. Our evolution didn’t stop there. As innovators and trendsetters, we shifted our primary focus to qualitative research and product testing, cementing our position as a leading force in the industry.

Our commitment to exceptional quality has always been our driving force. It is seen in our enduring partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. We attribute this success to our cultural emphasis on maintaining quality across every facet of our organization. Through continuous education, skill-building, and dynamic leadership, we equip our team with the necessary tools and drive to uphold and surpass these standards.

Today, our corporate hub resides in Mokena, IL, and is augmented by research offices in Chicago, IL, and Dallas, TX. Our dedicated workforce, comprising 85 full-time and part-time professionals, seamlessly ensures top-tier service for our clients. As active members of the Marketing Research Association, we contribute to shaping the industry amidst the rapidly transforming marketplace.

Our dedication to unrivaled quality and customer satisfaction has elevated Bryles Research as a frontrunner in product testing and comprehensive taste testing. We provide unparalleled services to traditional sit-down restaurants, quick-service food chains, and home-cooking products. Our facilities are uniquely crafted to facilitate these precise research methodologies.

In summary, Bryles Research, over the years, has evolved into a revered market research firm. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and quality, combined with our robust history, is a testament to our vision of empowering businesses with the insights they need to thrive.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Bryles Research, we nurture a culture of unwavering dedication to quality across our entire organization. Instead of simply imposing stringent policies, we underscore the essence of encouragement, education, and training as the building blocks for implementing these core values. Through perpetual learning initiatives and forward-thinking leadership, we furnish our team members with the necessary tools, instilling in them the confidence and motivation to not just uphold, but exceed our high-quality standards.

Our allegiance to quality goes hand in hand with our promise to surpass customer expectations, both in terms of quality and delivery. As we navigate through a rapidly evolving marketplace, where customer expectations are constantly on the rise, we recognize that the key to thriving amidst competition is an unwavering commitment to continuous quality enhancement. Bryles Research isn’t just about maintaining the status quo, we’re about raising the bar higher each time.

Our Executive Team

At the helm of Bryles Research, you’ll find our executive team – a dynamic group of seasoned professionals, each a visionary and strategist. Steeped in industry experience and carrying an unparalleled passion for market research, they lead by example, fostering innovation and encouraging excellence at every level of our organization. Our leadership is characterized by its diverse strengths and unique perspectives that ensure a holistic approach to our client’s needs. Committed to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards, they guide our teams, catalyze growth, and are the key drivers behind our enduring commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. United in their ambition, our executives continue to guide Bryles Research towards new heights in market research, carving out novel paths and pioneering solutions that help our clients navigate their markets successfully. Meet the visionaries who breathe life into Bryles Research every day.

Scott Bryles – Chief Executive Officer

Scott serves as the company’s business development and marketing leader. Scott’s unique ability to analyze and understand the needs of our many clients has enabled him to position Bryles Research at the top of our industry. Scott is also involved in project bidding, scheduling, and also assists with the operations at all of the Bryles facilities.
Before joining Bryles Research, Scott was involved in the intense work of trading treasury bonds at the Chicago Board of Trade (Yes, he was one of those guys screaming in “the pit”!) Scott holds an Associates Degree from Moraine Valley College. In his spare time Scott enjoys golf, golf, and more golf, as well as spending time with his friends and family.

Jeffrey M. Bryles – Chief Operation Officer

Jeff serves as the company’s operations leader and oversees the activities of its three research offices. Jeff’s dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards inspires him to keep the Bryles Research gears polished and moving smoothly. Jeff is also very involved in the project bidding and scheduling for the entire company, in addition to the planning and execution of business strategy and initiatives.
Before joining Bryles Research, Jeff was an accomplished engineer at a vehicle safety laboratory (Yes, where they crash cars!). Jeff holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and has continued his thirst for knowledge with studies towards a Masters of Business Administration at Indiana University. In his spare time Jeff enjoys golfing, water sports, and trying to keep up with his kids’ activities.

Our Insights Centers: Fostering Innovation and Insights

Our Insight Centers are architectural marvels, meticulously crafted to stimulate innovation and insights. Each of our expansive facilities, sprawling over an impressive area of 10,000+ square feet, has been thoughtfully designed to revolutionize the market research experience.

Upon stepping into our centers, you’ll be greeted with a fresh, contemporary design. We’ve focused on creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring a productive and relaxed environment for both clients and participants. Our open floor plan encourages collaborative brainstorming, while private rooms offer the solitude necessary for concentrated analysis.

Every center features state-of-the-art technology, ranging from advanced audio-visual systems to the latest digital tools. This ensures real-time data collection, in-depth analytics, and superior quality in recording and broadcasting for remote clients. We’ve streamlined technology to deliver a seamless, integrated research experience.

Our facilities also house specially designed product testing areas. These are tailored to simulate various consumer environments – from restaurant-style kitchens to living room settings, giving our clients valuable insights into the customer experience in a real-world context.

To enhance the research process further, our centers are equipped with multiple, versatile focus group rooms. Each room is designed to adapt to different group dynamics and research methodologies. Large observation rooms with one-way mirrors allow clients to observe in real-time, fostering an immediate understanding of the group dynamics.

Additionally, each of our Insight Centers is equipped with spacious client lounges and break-out areas. These are designed to provide comfort during long research days, giving clients a place to unwind and recharge.

Overall, our Insight Centers are more than just facilities. They are vibrant innovation hubs that provide an immersive, engaging, and transformative market research experience. Explore the extraordinary blend of comfort, versatility, and cutting-edge technology that our Insight Centers offer.

Creative Spaces


Relaxation Rooms

Flex Spaces

In addition, central and individual reception areas offer additional layers of security and provide essential check points for participants and clients. Double doors, loading docks, and wide hallways make large deliveries of displays or specialty kitchen equipment a breeze.

Whether a study trends toward the more traditional MR approach or takes the most innovative of routes towards insights, our facilities were built to host it with ease.

Facilities Focused Around Our Clients

At Bryles Research, we understand the critical importance of maintaining confidentiality and ensuring the security of our clients and participants. We’ve instituted robust security measures throughout our Insight Centers to uphold these principles.

Our centers are equipped with central and individual reception areas which serve as important checkpoints, offering added layers of security for everyone within the facility. The meticulously planned design of our centers not only ensures safety but also promotes efficient and hassle-free navigation within the building.

To accommodate large deliveries, from display materials to specialty kitchen equipment, our facilities feature double doors, loading docks, and expansive hallways. These provisions enable effortless transportation and installation of equipment, no matter the size or complexity.

We’ve ensured that our facilities are as accommodating and adaptable as possible, making the delivery and setup process a seamless experience for our clients.

Our commitment to ease of use extends to the hosting of various studies as well. Whether a study adheres to more traditional market research methods or ventures into innovative, cutting-edge methodologies, our facilities are designed to accommodate it with utmost efficiency.

In essence, our Insight Centers are not just about fostering innovation and facilitating research; they are about providing a secure and easy-to-navigate environment for our participants and clients. We are steadfast in our commitment to deliver an experience that combines seamless functionality with uncompromised security. At Bryles Research, your peace of mind is our topmost priority.

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