Central Location Testing (CLT) at Bryles Research

Welcome to the world of Central Location Testing (CLT) at Bryles Research, where precision meets innovation to deliver profound insights. For businesses looking to evaluate their products or services in a controlled environment, our CLT services offer the perfect solution

Helping Make Data-Driven Decisions

Our CLT testing methodology allows you to gather data from a larger, diverse audience in a central, controlled setting. This controlled environment is key to removing external variables and maintaining consistency, ensuring that your results are solely reflective of your product or service. Our professional team supervises the process, ensuring the testing is carried out seamlessly and efficiently.

Featuring State-of-the-Art Facilities

Each of our expansive, 10,000+ square foot Insight Centers is specially designed to carry out comprehensive CLT testing. Featuring modern, comfortable spaces for participants and dedicated viewing areas for clients, our facilities ensure a productive and enjoyable research experience. We’ve integrated advanced technology for real-time data collection and analysis, ensuring you get accurate, actionable insights as quickly as possible.

Our Comprehensive CLT Services

At Bryles Research, we offer end-to-end CLT services, from recruiting the right participants for your study to data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our team comprises experienced research professionals who employ cutting-edge methodologies to provide high-quality, reliable results. We go beyond just providing data – we strive to offer insightful analysis that can guide your strategic decisions.

Adaptable Testing Environments

Whether your study adheres to traditional market research protocols or pushes the boundaries of innovative methodologies, our facilities are versatile and adaptable. Our goal is to provide an environment that perfectly aligns with your research objectives.

Let our experience, commitment to quality, and innovative facilities guide you toward data-driven success.


  • 35′ 5″ x 22′ 4″
  • Seats 44 with dividers
  • Seats 75 auditorium style
  • Natural light
  • Stark white tables
  • All of the tables & dividers can be removed
  • Ideal for mock juries
  • Perfect for large appliance testing
  • 40 laptops available with wired & wireless Internet
  • 52-inch Sony Bravia TV monitor

We specialize in administering CLTs and have developed our facilities to meet the unique needs of these studies. Our spacious and well-equipped testing rooms, along with our expert staff, ensure that all studies are conducted with the highest level of accuracy and precision. We also offer a range of recruitment and scheduling services to help our clients find the ideal participants for their CLTs.


  • Seats 15
  • Tiered seating
  • Solid surface stone countertops
  • 42-inch Sony Bravia TV monitor
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine

Want to Learn More About CLT Testing?

Are you intrigued by the potential of Central Location Testing and how it could transform your business decision-making process? Bryles Research is here to guide you.

Whether you’re looking to conduct a simple taste test, product trial, or an intricate study employing advanced methodologies, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help execute. With our state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive services, and unwavering commitment to quality, we can help turn your research objectives into actionable insights.

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